Handy hydraulic Lift Table

Our MMLT Lift Table is designed to reduce fatigue and increase operator safety

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- Capacities: 150kg, 250kg, 500kg and 750kg
- Ergonomically designed lifter and transporter
- Handy hydraulic foot pump to elevate formed-edge platform
- Reduces strain and fatigue
- Can be used for lifting, transporting, positioning, assembling, stacking and un-stacking
- Easy-to-operate brake keeps unit stationary while loading and unloading, while the lowering valve provides precise lowering
- Conforms to EN1757:4

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Handling Equipment

record-hand-pallet-truck-600x550We offer pallet truck also we built for a lifetime of hardwork. We have sold thousands of these over the years, the solid construction, maintenance free rollers, ergonmic handle design and the robust pump make this pallet truck a best buy. If you need you can choice of steer wheels and load wheels. Check our Best Lift Tables in good quality at a good price.

Progressive Brake, Footbrake, On/Off Brake + Quick lift option to be fitted on a BF hand pallet truck

- Progressive – Pallet Truck brakes operates like a bicycle brake i.e. the more you pull the brake lever, the harder the brake is applied. This type of system is also fitted with a parking brake. Available on standard, quicklift, reel handling and low profile trucks.
- Foot-brake – Pallet Truck brake is operated using the foot to apply and release brake.
- On/Off – Pallet truck brake is applied using the lever on the handle
- Quick-Lift – lifts up to 200mm with only 6 strokes (normally 13 to 14). All BF pallet trucks up to 3000kg in capacity can be fitted with a ‘Quicklift’ pump.
- If you order a brake type and/or Quick Lift when you order your pallet truck then it will be supplied to you ready with the options fitted!

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Natural Portland Stone

Portland Stone is probably the most famous building stone in the world.

It is highly prized because of its white colour and fine, even grain. Stonemasons love its workable qualities and stunning marble-like looks. Many of London’s great buildings and finest streets of houses are made from Portland Stone including, of course, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral. Portland Stone was expensive even in Sir Christopher Wren’s day yet remains justly popular for prestigious entrances, more York Stone, portland stone, front door steps, tombstones, granite plates – wholesale Bedford

Portland Stone is a limestone which was laid down in shallow tropical seas during the age of the dinosaurs and contains the remains of many small fossil sea shells and corals. Whilst Jurassic limestone is common worldwide, the marble-like appearance of Portland Stone is highly desirable and almost unique. Unlike Marble however, it is easily carved to fit and does not go slippery when wet, making it ideal for doorsteps. The stone is still quarried on the Isle of Portland, Dorset from where it took its name, then worked by masons into the finished product.

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